Refund Policy

We accept refunds. 

However, you need to apply for it within 24 hours of purchase. You can contact us on tracker or on telegram. 

When you can ask for a refund: 

I. When the box is down and its beyond repair

II. When the said service is not available ( SSD or nVme )


When you cant ask for a refund: 

I. When you need a tweak ( Because this is a seedbox providing price, a custom tweaking fee is NOT added )

II. When your upload/download dreams doesnt match with the reality.

III. When you need a custom app or help with customization. 

IV. When you order something by mistake. 


Please note that, this is merely a seedbox providing service. We simply buy the box, install the required client and then let users use it. We DO NOT customize them to anyones personal choice or needs, so if you have any issue regarding speed, connection, peer's or anything other than uptime... its for you to google and figure out. We are open to help when its regarding issues like box uptime or if one of the script is not working. 

If you need semi managed seedbox then I would suggest to go for Andy boxes. As he tweaks them himself. However his service is comparetively slow. So dont expect anything instantly. 


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