Our Suppliers

Our Server's & Supplier's 

We mainly use Hetzner's EX series server's for high end seedboxes & for small seedboxes we use their auction grade server's. The difference is both capability and data read speed. Along with Hetzner, we also use Contabo's dedicated server's and sometime OVH. It depends on the requirement and avaibility of the machine we need. We understand that you dont have the time and the needed skill to setup everything and run your own seedbox, thus we do that for you. We make the best possible configuration on each server so it meets your needs. We also use QuickBoxfor our backend app management. Out of all the available options, its one of the best as it gives the user options to play with and it lets you free with what you want to do... You can run a seedbox while streaming your own media with a plex server... it gives you endless options to play with. We encourage you to let us know what more would you like and we will surely listen and work on it. 


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